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Last Battles


Battle of Tannenberg

15 July 1410

The Teutonic Knights are defeated by the Polish-Lithuanian forces: it is the beginning of the end for the order.


Battle of Issus

October 333 BC

With forced marches Alexander encountered and defeated in open field the "King of Kings" Darius III getting a great win and a great massacre.


Battle of Poitiers

17 October 732

Charles Martel defeats Abd al-Rahaman blocking the Muslim expansion into Europe.


Battle of Gaugamela

1 october 331 BC

Two years after the triumph of Issus, Alexander destroys the last great Persian army led by Darius III, opening the way for the conquest of Asia.


Battle of Liegnitz

9 april 1241

Also known as the battle of Legnica or battle of Wahlstatt, was a collision with the aim to stop the relentless advance of the Mongol Horde. Despite the victory, this was the most advanced point reached in Europe by the Tartars, later, the political destabilization of the Mongol Empire led to the retreat of the Horde.


Battle of Cynoscephalae

197 BC

At the battle of Cynoscephalae, known, in military terms, as the "encounter battle", the legions of Flamininus attack the phalanx of Philip V, while they are still in the deployment phase, routing them.


Battle of Hattin

4 July 1187

The Crusaders defeat decreed the end of the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Islamic reconquest of much of Palestine.


Battle of Chaeronea

338 BC

Philip II defeated Athenians and Thebans, cementing the primacy of Macedonia over the Greek poleis thanks to the contribution of his son Alexander who immediately proves his value on the field.


Battle of Hastings

14 October 1066

Harold II is defeated by William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy so the throne of England passed to the Norman dynasty.


Battle of Cannae

216 BC

The battle of Cannae was the key battle of the Second Punic War and is still considered a masterpiece of military tactic, the most successful example of an encirclement maneuver accomplished by an army numerically inferior to the opponents.


The siege of Constantinople

6 April - 24 May 1453

The siege of Constantinople represent another example of the ancient confrontation between East and West, which in this case marks the moment of maximum splendour of the Turkish power.


Battle of Alesia

September 52 BC

At the siege of Alesia, Vercingetorix's defeat causes the end of gaul civilization and began the establishment of the neo-Latin culture and Provencal French.

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