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We are two brothers passionate about history but especially Great Battles which mark the time (phrases like "in the period of the Crusades" or "during the Second World War" are often used to indicate an historical period). We spent most of our free time looking for information on the development of battle tactics and weapons through the centuries, but especially on those who were the protagonists, more or less known, whose names are often missing over time, but whose actions are (and will remain) immortal.
Therefore, the decision to collect all this information on a website, but how to call it?
Talking about battles can not fail to remind military readiness, strategies and perfect positioning on the battlefield of the Roman legions, and, in the "Commentarii De Bello Gallico" by Caius Julius Caesar, which explains the siege of Alesia , we discover the methods and principles of the "ars bellica" in which the Romans excelled ("ars" in this case should be understood with the meaning of "technique" and so "ars bellica" means technique of war).
Here's how it started "Ars Bellica", with the objective to reconstruct with the help of illustrated schemes, tactics and strategies of commanders in history, through the most significant battles never happened.
But not only that, we will try to make known the men, their history, their motivations and socio-political events which led them to have to compete on a battlefield.
Probably many of you will find in the pages of this site, some inaccuracies and arguments not very thorough so we invite you to intervene and to contact us at our address, to correct or add your views or your insights, because let's not forget that history belongs to everyone and that we want to keep it.

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The great battles are not History in its entirety, but certainly represent important turning points in some cases decisive, from which historical events have had a new texture and strong acceleration.
For that reason, it is our intention to treat the battles not only with a strictly military reconstruction, but for each battle we will try, in a very concise way, to describe the background, the political and social context, as well as, of course, the techniques, the methods used and the consequences in relation to the territorial and hierarchical changes between the powers. We will not even ignore the protagonists of each battle: commanders and their soldiers.
We all remember the era and the characters of some famous battles like Waterloo, Piave or El Alamein, but other battles with a comparable historical importance as Alesia, Tannenberg or Tsushima, are only part of the school culture. But all of them, if narrated so efficiently that you can almost relive, as our intention, are exciting and, sometimes, due to the cunning of men and the ambushes of fate, compelling as the best thrillers.
We will tell of battles where the winner eventually won the war also, and others whose the winner at the end of the war turned out the loser.
It is our intention to give cause for reflection in reviewing the past to better understand the present, and an opportunity to refresh the historical memory of all of us with exciting and compelling readings.


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